Customer relations


Smip is a protection company for virtual assets. It won’t be your average looking company, it is fast, dynamic and growing beast. Think of how our future will look, buzzwords like Metaverse, Web3.0, virtual assets, creator economy, are not just buzzwords- this is what lays ahead, and when new things are being created, mostly valuable virtual assets, there are thieves lurking in the corner to try and snatch those assets from their rightful owners. Imagine thousands of hours gone to waste, a business taken off the web, a seller’s revenue hit 0$ in a blink of eye or a content creator whose content we’re all taken from him. This is why Smip was created, as a need risen from grounds up, actual problem that needs to be solved.

Smip operates both in the US and in Israel, working hard to bring a new kind of protection service for anyone who value their assets.


If you are a fast learner, dynamic, asking tough questions, hungry to succeed bringing your ideas to the table, having your head thinking about problems and how to solve them - your place is with us!


  • Take an active role in customer relations, speaking with new ones, contacting old ones and resolving any issues that rise from our beloved users.
  • Research the newest creative trends and bringing them to life, while supporting the over whole strategy.
  • Work with outside service providers. Ensuring the company needs are being met, while giving the best possible support for our users.
  • Strategically manage joint pipelines with strategic partnerships
  • Explore, try new things, and bring your creative mind to the table.


  • Native English Speaker - A must.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, both verbal and written.
  • 1+ Experience customer facing role - an advantage.
  • Familiarity with CRM and other customer focused platforms.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Ability to work under tight time constraints and fast growing team.

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