Our goal is to ensure people's hard work, time, and energy are not at constant risk

At Smip, we want to solve the biggest problem social media businesses and influencers face: a lack of privacy and protection on social media platforms. As the digital world becomes more global, hackers are using more advanced methods to steal your accounts. At Smip, we have dedicated countless hours to developing the perfect technology to combat the ever-evolving hackers and scammers from hurting your account after all your hard work.

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Our Story

Smip started when a close friend of ours had her Instagram business account hacked, and was demanded to pay a ransom. The platform didn’t help her at all and people weren't able to. 

She went from being on top of the world to feeling that her life's work is going down the drain.

We thought this was a rare incident, but that’s not the case – Our research showed that a lot of people are experiencing this and there’s no real answer. Falling for malicious attacks or getting blocked can cost everything.

Money loss wasn’t the main concern, it was losing valuable content, thousands of hours, their audience, and their credibility.

Since our team has decades of experience in a wide variety of cybersecurity and social engineering fields, this was the perfect issue for us.

The most important thing was to keep the assets safe by treating the root cause of the problem — protecting them from cyber attacks and preventing them from getting blocked.

At Smip, we are determined to protect every user from cyber attacks and ensure that nobody else loses their online business again.

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