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Based on 1000+ reviews
Secure Your Account
Based on 1000+ reviews
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Our tools to protect you

Content Backup

We make sure your account stays safe, but also back up your content just in case something goes wrong.

Social Engineering Detector

It’s not all bots and digital attacks. Hackers also use psychological manipulations to break into your account. We detect, alert and prevent such attacks.

Content Checker

Getting blocked or shadow banner is bad. We stay up to date with platform rules and let you know if your content risks breaking them – making sure it won’t happen.

Darkweb Detector

We check for hacking attempts and data leaks on & off the traditional Web – Alerting you if your sensitive information is at risk.


Social platform support isn’t always helpful, to say the least. Our advanced chatbot will help you if your account is hacked, blocked, or in trouble.

Bot Attack Prevention

Bots suck. They can be used against you to damage your account’s engagement and get it blocked. We’ll tell you who is real and who’s trying to hurt your growth.

How It Works

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People we protect

45K followers, Instagram

“SMiP has been a life-saver for my Instagram account! As an influencer, is so important for me to follow the guidelines and protect my account from any type of scams. Thanks to SMiP, there will be no worries about cybersecurity anymore!”

220K followers, Instagram

“When I have SMiP with me, I know somebody takes care of my account and business and I can sleep better at night..”

33K followers, Instagram

“SMiP has changed my life! I use to have so many issues posting content and it getting banned or not following the guidelines, now I can see everything prior to having any issues. It also protects my account since there are so many hackers!! I 10/10 recommend this!”

30.5K followers, Instagram

“SMiP has a very convenient interface and excellent service. They are available for any question and explains complicated things in plain English. In addition, the tutorial videos are easy to understand and show you exactly how to protect your account.”

19.5K followers, Instagram

“Smip helped and supported us when things went south. Big thank you to Smip who handled our issues professionally.”

345.5K followers, TikTok

“ SMiP is so valuable to me because it keeps my social media accounts safe”

4K followers, Instagram

“ My account is my business, it is part of my life and my profession. There is life before and after SMiP. I can sleep better at night knowing there is someone who protects me - I'm safe.”

17.2K Followers, Instagram

“My Instagram is part of my work. I keep my body healthy and safe, exactly as I want my Instagram to be. Only after I started working with SMiP, I started to feel that somebody takes care of my assets. I can keep creating content without the fear of getting hacked or blocked”


Yearly (SAVE 40%)


1 social media account
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billed yearly
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Everything in free and:
  • Personal leaked passwords
  • 24/7 hacking & block prevention
  • Phishing detector tool
  • Content checker tool
  • Full chatbot (fixing hacked/blocked accounts)
  • Shadowban Solver


3 social media accounts
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billed yearly
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Everything in Standard and:
  • Bot checker
  • Bot attack prevention
  • Content backup
  • Impersonating detector


5 social media accounts
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billed yearly
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Everything in Pro and:
  • Advanced messaging interface
  • Real-time phishing and scams prevention
  • Human support
  • Phishing awareness testing

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