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Social media platform rules are tricky and unpredictable; don’t let your content be the reason you’re banned. Let’s protect your account and make sure it stays safe by complying with the platforms!

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Why Use a Social Media Compliance Checker?

Behind social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are extensive community guidelines and rules meant to govern these platforms and maintain safe environments. While the intention for community guidelines is sound, implementing these rules through the platforms’ algorithms and the subsequent consequences are often contradictory, illogical, and highly detrimental to users.

These consequences have severe effects on influencers and content creators. If an influencer posts an Instagram story for a swimwear brand and Instagram blocks their account due to a “nudity violation,” that influencer immediately loses access to her hundreds of thousands of followers and, in turn, loses the ability to earn her income.

This story happens every day, just with different scenarios and consequences, and it is incredibly harmful to the new generation of creators, influencers, and even business owners. So, why use a content checker? Because our content checker will ensure you and your content are always in compliance with the platform’s rules and guidelines, and therefore, will never be punished!

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What we protect against

Blocked Accounts

We monitor all content you upload, and if anything steers away from platform compliance, we let you know immediately so you can eliminate it before it’s too late.


The effects of shadowban significantly damage an account’s exposure and engagement. The main reason accounts are shadowbanned is content that violates platform rules. We will protect you and your account from shadowban threats so you can focus on what’s most important - your account’s engagement!

Account Suspension

Uploading content in violation of platform rules can cause your account to be suspended. We scan your account for content that could potentially lead to account suspension and let you know before it happens!

How Does the Social Media Content Checker Work?


We monitor your account 24/7 and check all uploaded content, and we check if it’s in compliance with the platform’s rules and terms of use.


If in case you do violate the platform rules, we will notify you immediately so you can eliminate the risk as quickly as possible!


Our checker isn’t just for existing content; you can check your content before uploading it to your account so you can ensure your content is risk-free and ready to upload!

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