Check if someone has impersonated you on social media!

Social media impersonators can be very scary and harm you and your accounts, as well the people closest to you.

Check for Impersonators
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Check now for impersonators on social media!

We are checking for social media impersonators 24/7 so you can report them and protect yourself from identity theft!

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Impersonation & Identity Theft Protection

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your accounts 24/7 for any impersonators or impersonation attempts and we will let you know immediately if someone new is impersonating you.

Report Impersonators

We provide a roadmap that guides you on how to report and block impersonators on social media.

Impersonators Takedowns

In complicated cases we will assist you with taking down the impersonators accounts.

Personal Brand Protection

Protect your account, business, reputation and revenue against targeted cyber-attacks including impersonation attacks, hacking & phishing scams and fraud.

 Influencers we’re protecting

"Smip helped and support us when things went south. Big thank you to Smip who handled our issues professionally".
@maisonkayser (Instagram, 30k followers)

"Smip has been a life-saver for my Instagram account"
@mili_codes (Instagram, 75k followers)

"Smip is so valuable because it keeps my social accounts safe!"
@alevelhelp (TikTok, 500k followers)

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