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Instagram Spammers

Are you tired of receiving spammy comments on your Instagram posts?

Take advantage of the latest spam protection technology from Instagram. Automatically filter annoying spam comments from your posts by using the hidden words list we created. Spam comments containing these problematic words will now be automatically filtered.

Using hidden words is a simple and effective way to keep your Instagram account safe and secure. Our list is regularly updated to ensure that you stay ahead of spammers and protect your account from any unwanted attention.

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For content creators, influencers & social media managers

Social media can be a breeding ground for spammers, scammers, and negative behavior. As a social media influencer, content creator, talent, or social media manager, it's important to protect yourself and your followers from these harmful activities. That's why we've created a list of hidden words that scammers and spammers use to conduct phishing attempts, scams, and other malicious activities. By banning these words from your account, you can filter out harmful comments and maintain a safer, more positive online presence.

Hidden Words iPhone

All you need to do is to Copy & paste

Getting the hidden words list is super easy and takes less than 2 minutes. All you need to do is insert your email and we'll send you a link to the most updated hidden words list. Once you've received the list, simply copy and paste it to a dedicated tab on Instagram that allows you to insert hidden words and filter your comments. After saving the list, all comments that contain these hidden words will be filtered out automatically.

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Even if your account is compromised, either to hacking or blocking, your content is safe with Smip.

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