5 ways to protect your Facebook account from getting disabled

November 29, 2022

On Facebook, everything can seem ordinary, then your account is suddenly disabled. You’ll log in, and you won’t be able to access anything. Sometimes it’s temporary, other times it’s permanent.  You won’t be able to use your Facebook account for various activities, whether it’s connecting with friends or promoting your business.

What do you do then?

Recovering your account can be frustrating, especially if you have to go through a verification process. If you have a Facebook account you don’t want to lose, is there a way for you to protect your Facebook account? Yes, there is. While it’s impossible to protect your account 100%, these five ways can reduce your chances of your account being disabled.

Be Active

Facebook can do sweeps of inactive accounts, and if you haven’t used yours in a while, it can lead it to be disabled. Now, this is not to say you have to spend hours on your account; some people use their Facebook account just to keep in touch with other people, or briefly check it for news updates, but don’t want to use it too much beyond that. However, you should occasionally post content to ensure that your account doesn’t get caught in the crosshairs of an inactive account purge.

Follow the Term of Service

The ToS (terms of service) are ever-changing, and it is vital for you to keep up with them to avoid your account being flagged. If you constantly break ToS, it can lead to your account being disabled, or penalized for a while.

Some of the rules are obvious, such as not posting 18+ content on your account, or not posting anything hateful or bigoted. However, some rules can be vague, and because Facebook tends to use bots that don’t understand context, you need to be mindful of this. For example, you and your friend may use seemingly harmless language while insulting each other playfully, but Facebook can interpret it as malicious.

So, what should you do? While Facebook can falsely suspend your account from breaking ToS, it’s also vital for you to think twice before you post anything that could be misinterpreted. Sadly, that’s the name of the game, and it’s essential to be mindful of this.

Don’t Mass-Add People

One way to get a quick ticket to suspension is to add people en masse, particularly people you don’t know or have no mutual. When you want to add someone, be sure it’s in short bursts, not a massive adding spree all at once.

Avoid Spamming

It is common for business accounts to be suspended due to spamming, however, if you have a business account, posting links to your content is vital. How can you walk this tricky tightrope?

One way to avoid the spam accusation is to refrain from posting your links on someone else’s content. Not only is this tasteless, but Facebook can interpret you as a spambot. Also, do not send people unsolicited links. With your page, focus on balancing meaningful content with links, and you should be fine.

Our Platform Can Help

Finally, we should mention that SMIP can help prevent you from being blocked. We provide the technology as well as a roadmap for navigating the complex issues that Facebook poses to your account. When you use us, you can reduce your chances of falling into Facebook’s wave of banning. Do you want more information? Visit our website and start protecting your Facebook account.


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