How to Recover Your Hacked TikTok Account?

May 30, 2023

Influencers, business owners, or everyday people put effort, time, and energy into building their TikTok profiles. It could take years to earn a million followers on TikTok! After all the hard work, nothing hurts more than your account being hacked. But what if you could stop your efforts from going to waste? What if you can prevent hackers from benefiting from your well-built profile and data?

TikTok'’s developers have strategically designed this app and incorporated security and safety features to protect users. In this article, we have mentioned some easy tips to recover your TikTok account. You can use these to save all the hard work you’ve put into your account.

How Will I Know My Account Has Been Hacked?

 If you notice the following signs, hackers might have surpassed your account’s privacy.

·         Your account nickname or username has changed.

·         Your account'’s phone number or password has changed.

·         You notice videos that you have never posted.

·         Your videos have been deleted.

·         You have seen some messages that you have never sent to people.

Tips to Recover Your Account

Reset Your Password

A hacked TikTok account means that all your data will be in the hands of others. You immediately need to act on it. For this, change your password. Open your app, go to your profile, and tap on the three dots at the top right of your app. Hit "“manage my account"”and choose "“password." ”Follow the steps and write a new password. Make sure to tap “login" to confirm your password. This way, you will log out from other devices.

Recover Your Account

If the hacker has changed the password and username, you need to opt for TikTok'’s account recovery procedure. Therefore, you always need to keep your information updated so that you can enter the correct data when trying to recover your account.

Open your app and select “forgot password.” You need to enter your phone number or email, depending on the recovery method you have chosen while creating your account on TikTok. Hit the "“reset"” button to get a code. Enter the code via text or email. Now, enter a new password and then submit it. This way, at least your hacker will not know your new password and cannot log in again if they have logged out before.

Remove Suspicious Devices

You can opt for this tip once you’ve changed your password. This trick will help you log out of your account from all devices other than your mobile. Click “Profile" on the bottom right, and hit the three-dot button at the top right of the screen.

Tap “setting and privacy" and then security. Then, click ‘select your devices.’ Remove all the devices that are suspicious.

Use our Chabot

If you are struggling to recover your account, you might need help. Our Chatbot can help business owners, influencers, or other TikTokers prevent hackers from accessing your Tik Tok. Our customer representatives will help you understand what steps you can take to recover your account. We will guide you throughout the process until hackers successfully leave your account alone.

A hacked TikTok account may require some time and effort to recover. In this case, we have you covered. Use our chatbot to recover your hacked account and receive special assistance and tools.

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